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Sticky Hoop Stabilizer Refill Pack / For 5x7 Sticky Hoop
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Sticky Hoop Stabilizer Refill Pack / For 5x7 Sticky Hoop

SKU: H610-5x7

UPC: 810065028716

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Sticky Hoop Stabilizer Refill Pack

Hoop-free, hoop sideless, hoop sticky!

25 pre-cut sheets of Peel 'n Stick tear-away adhesive stabilizer for use with the Sticky Hoop.

  • Perfectly sized pre-cut adhesive stabilizer sheets with strong stable hold
  • Holds securely without hard-to-remove hoop marks
  • Easily holds small, odd-shaped and hard-to-hoop items
  • Allows for easier trimming at the machine because the Sticky Hoop is sideless!

How to use Sticky Hoop

Remove the protective paper from the Peel 'n Stick adhesive stabilizer. Place the metal frame (sold separately), wrong side up and finger press the sticky side of the stabilizer to the wrong side of the metal frame. Turn the hoop right side up.

Place your item on the adhesive stabilizer, attach the frame to the machine and stitch the design.

Designed for Ease

Sticky Hoop comes with a metal bottom frame. The bottom frame includes a machine attachment that is recognized by the embroidery machine.

Snap Hoop Monster Owners - Please Note

The Sticky Hoop frame and Snap Hoop Monster frames are not interchangeable. Each has been designed to perform its intended task efficiently and smoothly. Applying adhesive to the bottom of Snap Hoop Monster will remove the hoop’s ability to glide effortlessly across the machine bed.  Conversely, The Sticky Hoop frame should ONLY be used with adhesive applied to the back of the frame.

Refill Pack Only - Does Not Contain Sticky Hoop Frame

25 sticky stabilizer sheets for the 5x7 Sticky Hoop.  Also referenced as: H61071025

Sandra L.

Does the peel and stick stabilizer come on a roll? If so, how much is on a roll?

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Jeanne E.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for checking. A lot of our Peel N Stick Stabilizers have been discontinued, but there are still two kinds left that are on a roll. The one comes in a variety pack with other exquisite stabilizers. The variety pack is on sale for $65.10, at this link. https://embroidery.com/product.ec?productID=375076 The other comes in different sizes, so the price depends on the amount of yards you need. Here's a link to the various yards of Exquisite Peel 'N Stick. https://embroidery.com/product.ec?ProductSetID=268414 Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

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Sandy R.

how does the sticky come off the design

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Heather B.

Hi, Sandy. It is a sticky tearaway stabilizer that tears easily. Here's some more information from the manufacturer (DIME): "Of course, some of the stabilizer will remain in the embroidery (and just beyond the edge of the stitching) but it definitely does tear away. We always recommend selecting designs that are not too delicate (such as design with small, intricate stitches, or airy, open areas). Once stitched, use your fingers to 'punch' out the embroidery at the edge of the design. It is difficult to remove the sticky stabilizer from inside small areas such as the openings a, b, e, etc."

We hope this helps!

[email protected]

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