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Perfect Grip Tape / 2 Roll Variety Pack
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Perfect Grip Tape / 2 Roll Variety Pack


UPC: 844050011643
$8.49(regularly $11.99 )

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RNK Perfect Grip Tape is the perfect all purpose resource to steady your hands, machine hoops, and fasten your open threads spools and stabilizers rolls! Multiple colors can even let you color code your stabilizers – ex: Use red to id cutaways, blue for water solubles, etc.

Available Rolls:

  • 3 Roll Variety Pack, 1" x 5yds each - (1" Red, Green, Blue) (R-PGTAPE-3)
  • 2 Roll Variety Pack, 2" x 5yds & 1" x 5 yds - (2" Purple, 1" White) (R-PGTAPE-P)

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