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Hemingworth Color Box / 8 Teals
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Hemingworth Color Box / 8 Teals

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Hemingworth Color Box Collection
The Hemingworth Color Box Collection is a fabulous way to broaden your color spectrum of embroidery thread!

Each box contains 12 vibrant spools of Hemingworth 1000 meter 40 wt high-sheen polyselect embroidery thread. Spools are specially selected to give you 12 different shades and hues of one general color. Thread spools are chosen from the lightest to the darkest shade of each color. For example, the Pink Color Box includes Whisper Pink as its lightest shade and Mulled Wine as the darkest, with 10 additional hues and shades of pink between these two extremes. With these subtle color variations, you can always find a perfect match for your embroidery project!

There are 15 sets in the Hemingworth Color Box Collection: 1 Starters, 2 Reds, 3 Pinks, 4 Oranges, 5 Yellows, 6 Olives, 7 Greens, 8 Teals, 9 Blues, 10 Violets, 11 Creams, 12 Grays, 13 Browns, 14 Brights, and 15 Metallics. Boxes can be purchased separately to build your thread library little by little. Or you can purchase all 15 Color Boxes at once to have a complete color spectrum of thread at your fingertips!

Please note that the 1 Starters, 14 Brights, and 15 Metallics do not have a gradual spectrum of shades. These color boxes include Hemingworth's most popular colors in that particular thread style.  

Hemingworth Color Boxes are designed for convenient, permanent storage. Thread spools sit firmly in a custom molded plastic tray inside a strong, beautiful, plastic-coated storage box. Boxes can be stored upright on a shelf, just like a book. The spines and front covers of the boxes are colorfully labeled and numbered, allowing you to effortlessly find the exact box you need. The inside lid of the box is labeled to indicate where each spool is stored inside the box. And as always, the Hemingworth spool comes with the unbeatable cap and stopper system, which keeps thread clean, tidy, and protected from dust and grime.

Hemingworth Color Boxes give you broad, organized thread choices, along with convenient storage solutions. Embroidery and sewing become a pleasure with the color selection and easy storage of the Hemingworth Color Boxes!

emma k.

is there a colour conversion chart to marathon rayon chart

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Kirsten S.

Hi Emma, Thanks for the question. There isn't one that I'm aware of. Here are some Hemingworth conversion charts to other brands; you may need to use two charts and a third brand brand to get conversions between those two.


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