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Embroidery Basics - Needles, Stabilizer, Thread DVD
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Embroidery Basics - Needles, Stabilizer, Thread DVD



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Embroidery Basics  is an essential three-part DVD covering the fundamentals of needles, stabilizer and thread.

  • This valuable DVD is a comprehensive tutorial on the very fundamentals of embroidery. In the Needle section, you'll learn the parts of the needle, different needle sizes and types and when to use which needle.
  • Our Stabilizer section explains, in depth, the three basic types of stabilizer and which stabilizer is best suited for the many varied fabrics and designs.
  • In the Thread chapter, you'll learn the different types and weights of thread, tips for avoiding thread breaks, how to care for your thread properly and more!
Get your copy today and let our knowledge and experience provide you with help, support and the information you need!

(Note: DVD will work on DVD player or computer with DVD drive.)

Marianne H.

hi, it's not my machine it's me...im so frustrated with my brother innovis 4000. I don't do much embroidery because I never have success. I wanted to do a label for a quilt back, I put in the wording on one line then wanted to go to the next line, I couldn't see how to do it, took it out to reposition it, it was all wrong. I want to put ..happy 18th birthday Daisy 2021 made with love grandma. It keeps saying the hoop is too small but it appears to be on the larfest hoop, a waste of fabric. I hope there is a simple solution, help please.

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Kirsten S.

Hi Marianne,

Thanks for sharing your difficulty here. It could be that the innovis 4000 requires you to stitch one line at a time. If you need an instruction manual to help guide you, there is one to download here: https://support.brother.com/g/b/manualtop.aspx?c=us&lang=en&prod=hf_inov4000deus.

If you are interested in using software to do lettering (I find that method much easier), I'd recommend the Embrilliance Express software: https://www.embroidery.com/free-embrilliance.ec?efid=1245

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Shirley G.

cd I'm looking for have how to setup the embroidery feature and instructions and demos

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Heather B.

Shirley, this is the most basic DVD we have. If you are looking for more specific videos on your machine or on specific software I'd recommend checking with whoever sells those products, as they are more likely to carry such demo DVD's.

[email protected]

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