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Designs Tool Kit: Birds Nest



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Bird's Nest Tool Kit

Untangle bird's nest mishaps!

We've all experienced the tangle of threads known as a bird's nest. Our hoop becomes attached to the throat plate-- practically immoveable as we struggle to dislodge the tangle of thread that has a tight grip on our hooped fabric and machine. Standard scissors are too large and short to reach the tangle of threads. If only there was a tool to easily reach underneath the hoop to trim and free the hoop from the machine. Now there is!

The Bird's Nest Tool Kit includes two clever instruments: a Stitch Releaser and a Thread Hook.

Use the Thread Hook to reach the bird's nest tangled under the hoop while you use the Stitch Releaser to sever the threads. Now your hoop is free as a bird!

Store the Stitch Releaser and Thread Hook in the convenient, zippered case for safe storage.

Janet F.

Where do you get replacements blades for this tool? Mine broke recently.

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Heather B.

You'll want to contact Designs in Machine Embroidery:


Toll-free at 888-739-0555

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Lindee G.

I love this tool! Especially if you have a top-loading bobbin, you need this!

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Heather B.

Thanks for the feedback, Lindee!


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