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This design set consists of 11 design files in 2 sizes.
The trees feature both front and lining fabrics and a firm fleece batting for body, and each of the parts of the tree, star, and trunk is adorned with different motifs, all giving a trapunto effect. The pieces are joined together in the hoop and given a rich satin edge for a truly elegant final project. At that point, your creativity can take over with additional adornments if you wish. The finished size of the 6x10 version is 20" tall and 18" wide, and the 5x7 version is 16"x14".
So the bottom line is, that Christmas riddle from the original introduction, "A getting-ready-for-the-holidays riddle for you...what measures almost 20" tall and almost 18" wide*, would look lovely hanging on a front door or wall or as a table topper, is a wonderful holiday symbol, and is done completely on the embroidery machine with no additional sewing required?", now needs an extra set of dimensions included!
Be sure to download the PDF tutorial file for project instructions.
** Now includes both 6"x10" and 5"x7" versions!
Fabric requirements: 1/3 yd of the front fabric and the back fabric, plus a 6" square of fabric for the star and the trunk. (Note: our fabric was 44"-45" wide).
*Individual designs from this design pack are not sold separately.

Includes Downloadable Items

Star, 6x10

(4.41" x 4.33")

Tree 1, 6x10

(0.39" x 8.70")

Tree 2, 6x10

(4.88" x 10.04")

Tree 3, 6x10

(3.54" x 7.20")

Tree 4, 6x10

(3.98" x 8.27")

Tree 5, 6x10

(2.80" x 5.71")

Tree 6, 6x10

(3.39" x 6.89")

Tree 7, 6x10

(3.27" x 5.12")

Tree 8, 6x10

(3.23" x 5.79")

Tree 9, 6x10

(3.98" x 7.52")

Trunk, 6x10

(3.94" x 4.92")

Star, 5x7

(3.57" x 3.64")

Tree 1, 5x7

(3.69" x 7.01")

Tree 2, 5x7

(5.10" x 7.05")

Tree 3, 5x7

(2.91" x 5.89")

Tree 4, 5x7

(3.25" x 6.74")

Tree 5, 5x7

(2.31" x 4.69")

Tree 6, 5x7

(2.79" x 5.62")

Tree 7, 5x7

(2.71" x 4.19")

Tree 8, 5x7

(2.68" x 4.75")

Tree 9, 5x7

(3.25" x 6.13")

Trunk, 5x7

(3.23" x 4.02")

5358 Tulane Ct.
Fairview Heights, IL
This design is copyrighted by PJ Designs. This design may not be distributed electronically in any format or by any method, either altered or unaltered, without the express written permission of PJ Designs. By purchasing this design, you acknowledge that you agree to the license terms.

Loretta J J.

I brought this CD in 2012 and at that time it was only offered in 6x10 hoop size, so in order for me to do it I had to have someone else do parts 1,2, and 4 I have not been able to do this tree again since then as it was done in a class I am so disappointed that the 5x7 was not offered at that time

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Heather B.

Hi, Loretta. We're sorry you are disappointed. PJ Design CD's were not sold through Embroidery.com so we had no control over your CD's contents. However, if you wish to obtain the smaller size, we could probably come up with a break on the price due to the situation. Email me at heather@embroidery.com if you are interested.


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Silvia Z.

I was surprised to find this matrix sold here, and also to be in a video, where the person besides teaching offers free matrices in her group on Facebook - is not the product with copyright? Can you video and distribute the arrays? here the Video

[Video Link Removed]
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Darin Andersen

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The design is an original work by PJ Designs and is copyrighted. It's difficult to enforce copyright in countries outside the U.S. and Canada. I will pass this information on to the designer. We encourage anyone who becomes aware of copyright violation to click on the "Report Inappropriate Content" link, present on most social media sites.

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Sharon R.

Can u finish this with 6 x 10? After the above comment worried about buying. Thank

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Heather B.

Hi, Sharon. Thanks for the question. This purchase includes the designs in two sizes. The 5x7 version will have no problem fitting into your 6x10 hoop, so the 5x7 version would be your best bet.

PJ (the designer's) 6x10 hoops are a little bigger than 6x10, so if your heart is set the 6x10 version, you'll want to measure your hoops and make sure they will fit a design that is 10.15" inches.

I hope this helps clarify.


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Sharon R.

My biggest hoop is 7 x 12 so I will be able to do the 6 x 10 with no problem then correct

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Heather B.

Correct, Sharon. Thanks for the question.


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Mary Louise M.

I am new to your site & saw this tree stitched out by a friend. It's beautiful. I have a Bernina 730E & I do have the mega hoop. Is that big enough? Also, will I be able to view the tutorial once the purchase is made? I created an account & have it on my wish list. My friend said I would be notified when the design goes on sale. Is that correct?

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Heather B.

Hi, Mary Louise. Thanks for the questions.

This purchase includes 5"x7" and 6"x10" version of Tree-mendous. The 5"x7" version will certainly work for your machine. The 6"x10" size may be a little large for your machine, which I understand has a maximum 5.7" w x 10" h embroidery sewing area.

If you still want Tree-Mendous for the 5"x7" size and want to be notified when it goes on sale, you'll need to add it to your wishlist. To do that, add it to your cart, then go to your cart and push the blue "move to wishlist" button next to the item. You'll then be noticed any time the item goes on sale.


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I really want to make this for my mother! I just have the simple brother pe500 machine thou. I do have the 5x7 extra hoop but I understand the design needs to stay 4x4. Is this possible with smaller size? Thanks!

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Heather B.

I'm sorry, Heather, but if your machine is limited to a 4" x 4" sewing area, it is not recommended for you, as it does require at least a 5" x 7" sewing area.


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Gwendolyn W.

Last fall I purchased all 3 trees. I am just now getting ready to sew them for Christmas presents. All three say 6 by 10 hoops. When I got to the last part of Sassy Tree the bottom trim section required the mega hoop. As I check the other 2 trees, I found both require sections done in the mega hoop. If I had tried to do these last fall, my intentions, I could not have finished the projects as I did not have the mega hoop then. Your directions all say done in 6 by 10 hoop and my hoop measures 10.75 by 6.5. This could be very problematic for someone without the mega hoop. Directions should indicate this for those who do not have this size hoop. While I am upset by the deception I love the designs and they sew out wonderfully. Just concern that someone would buy designs and not be able to finish project.

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Heather B.

Oh, I'm sorry for your trouble, Gwendolyn. The 6x10 description was not meant to be deceptive in any way. Jackie, who created these design, designed this for her own 6x10 hoop, which does work with these designs. I know that hoops do vary by manufacturer, and that sounds like the case here. I will look into re-labeling these designs, so other customers will be more aware of their actual size. We appreciate your feedback.


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sara o.

how do you do find the designs after you buy them?

I ordered tree mendous pattern and cant find it!

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Heather B.

Hi Sara,

If you've already downloaded your designs at can't locate them, check in your My Download folder under Downloads. OR, try these instructions for saving the files to a specific location on your computer.

Download Instructions:
1) Login at Embroidery.com. Then hover over "Hello [Your Name] (Account)" at the top of the page.
2) Click on "My Designs". Then click on the picture of the first design you want to download.
3) You will see a list of "Downloadable Files" on the right side of the page. Right click on the file in your format and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". Select your Flash Drive/USB Stick (or other location you'd like to save to) from the list. Click "Save."
4) Repeat for any additional designs.

If you still need assistance, please let me know.


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Charlette F.

I am going to come back to your site this afternoon. I love the tree. will order it. and I just watch the little pink purse in the hoop video.. you guys are just great. I really appreciate you showing each step. its wonderful. be back to order. gotta to go to Bible study.

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Heather B.

Great. I hope you enjoy the Tree-mendous. Thanks for your kind words.


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