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Hemingworth White Plastic Sided Bobbins Style A, 12 Pack



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Hemingworth White Plastic Sided Bobbins, Style A, 12 Pack

Hemingworth's 75 weight polyester filament thread is the best bobbin thread on the market. Plastic sided for a smoother feed.

A bobbin's dimensions (height and diameter) is called its style or type. Each sewing machine is designed to work with a specific bobbin style. So, the first step in bobbin-buying is to determine your machine's style. Style A bobbins are sometimes called universal bobbins. They are used with home and small commercial machines for sewing and embroidery. Style A bobbins are 0.465 inches (1.181 cm) high and 0.815 inches (2.070 cm) in diameter. They are thicker than Style L bobbins.

Check your machine's manual or your dealer to find out which style bobbin your machine requires.

Compatible with all sewing machines that use Style A or Type 15 bobbin in addition to the following embroidery machines: Babylock® BL137A, BL137A2, BLAE, BLDY, BLDY2, BLG, BLG2, BLG3, BLJY, BLL, BLL2, BLMFO, BLMFO2, BLPY, BLR2, BLR3, BLSO, BLSOG, BLSOG2, BLTY, INT, Solaris, Solaris2, Verve, Bernina® 170, 430, 440QEE, 630, AURORA450, DECO-330, Brother® LB6800 PRW, 4000, 4500D, 4750D, DZ820E, HE1, HE240, INNOVIS-1000, INNOVIS-1500D, INNOVIS-2500D, INNOVIS-4000D, INNOVIS-5000, INNOVIS-6750D, INNOVIS-750D, INNOVIS-900D, INNOVIS-950D, LB5000S, LB6770 PRW, NS1150E, NS1750D, NS2750D, NV6000D, NV6700D, PE-800, PE100, PE400D, PE500, PE700, PE700II, PE750D, PE770, PE780, SB7050E, SB7500, SB7900E, SE1800, SE350, SE400, SE425, VE2200, VM5100, VM5200, VM6200D, VQ3000, XP1, XV8500D, Elna® 9500, Expressive-920, Xquisit-9020, Husqvarna Viking® Epic, JADE35, Janome® 11000SE, 400E, 550E, MB4, MC 9900, MC-10000, MC-10001, MC-11000, MC-14000, MC-15000, MC-200E, MC-300E, MC-350E, MC-5000, MC-5700, MC-8000, MC-9000, MC-9500, MC-9700, MC12000, MC500E, S9, Kenmore® 19000, 19001, 19005, 19010, ELITE, Singer® CE100, CE200, XL1000, XL150, XL5000, XL6000

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