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Scroll Rod Pair (Webbing) / 18 inch Heavy Duty



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Webbing Scroll Rod Pairs include 2 wood dowels with 1" wide webbing fabric attached along the length of each dowel. 

The webbing rods come in a variety of lengths to fit your stitching needs: 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 18" Heavy Duty, 20", 20" HD, 22", 22" HD, 24", 24" HD, 26" HD,  28" HD, 30" HD, 36" HD, 42" HD and 48" HD.

The diameter of the scroll rods is 1/2" for regular rods, 5/8" for heavy duty rods and 3/4" for all HD rods 28" and longer. Heavy duty rods provide more strength and stability for larger stitching projects. 

How it works: Each rod has webbing fabric attached to it. Hand stitch or machine sew your embroidery project fabric to the webbing on the scroll rods. Assemble your scroll frame and rotate the rods to pull the fabric taut for stitching.

Please note: Scroll rods are designed to work with an E-Z Stitch scroll frame. Two side bars and 4 knobs are needed, along with the rod pair, to complete a scroll frame.

If you are looking for an easy alternative to webbing, consider the EZ Stitch Rods with Tape, click here.

Patricia S.

This is my first time purchasing a scroll rod with webbing. What kind of thread is best to stitch my tapestry canvas to the webbing with? I'm going to use this for stitching a needlepoint rug that measures 48x72". Thank you.

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Donnett H.

Wow that's a huge awesome project! I have only used the webbing a couple times because once I found the rods with the tape I never looked back. But when i did use the rods with webbing I used just a regular cotton thread. And I used my sewing machine to attach the fabric to the webbing. However I never had a project that large on rods with webbing. So short answer a cotton thread would totally work.

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