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Vikant Ultimate Card (Version III) / Bernina Deco 330,340 Artista 165,180
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Vikant Ultimate Card (Version III) / Bernina Deco 330,340 Artista 165,180



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The Ultimate Card III is a blank, reusable memory card.  For Bernina Artista machines, the Ultimate Card III will work with the dual-slot Ultimate Box II. Just place your Ultimate Card III into the larger slot of the Ultimate Box II and transfer as many designs as the card can hold! Note: The Ultimate Card III is manufactured using the same PCMCIA technology as all Pfaff and Artista cards. 


Ultimate Card for Bernina Deco 330 is the latest edition to Ultimate box and Card embroidery design transfer system product line.

This card, compatible with Deco 330, 340, Artista 180/165 and other Bernina models that use the same card as Deco 330, holds approximately 250,000 stitches.

The card can be programmed by dual-slot Ultimate Box II. Cannot be programmed by Amazing/Magic/Bernina boxes.

1. Insert the Ultimate card for Deco 330 into the Ultimate Box II.

2. Choose Bernina 180 option on the Ultimate Box transferring screen.

3. Write embroidery designs in EXP format.

4. Put the card into a card slot of your Bernina machine.


Bernina embroidery machines may be programmed with different versions of Firmware. Some versions of this Firmware may interfere with the data written to the Ultimate card. If the machine does not read designs on the card: 

1.     Re-write the card in the Ultimate box.

 2.     Slide the Write Protect switch on the card to “ON” and put it into the embroidery machine.

 3.     Turn Write Protect “OFF” before writing new designs to the card.

 The procedure above has been tested on Deco 330/340 and older Artista 180/165 machines.


Victoria H.

Does the ULTCARD111 work in the Bernini Artista 180

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Heather B.

Yes, the Ultimate Card III is recomeneded for the Artista 180. Thanks for the question, Victoria.

[email protected]

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sew c.

How does the Ultimate Box II transfer files/designs from the computer to the card III

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Heather B.

Sew C, I have emailed you the information you requested. The Ultimate Box (sold separately from the card) comes with software that you install on your computer and that will allow you to transfer designs to the Type III memory card. Instructions will come with your box. The box connects to your computer by USB cord. Please let us know if you have further questions.

[email protected]

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