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How can I make monogram letters intertwine with each other?

With Embrilliance Essentials you can easily make a monogram. And with Enthusiast, you can edit stitches in a monogram in order to make the letters intertwine with one another.

  1. Click the “A” tool at the top, and choose your letters and font from the letters tab.
  2. Select one letter and change it to a different color.
  3. Choose a letter to work with first, and lock the other letter.
  4. Zoom in to see the area you will work with.
  5. To cut a piece out, go into the stitch editor.  (On the toolbar, click the icon that looks like an arrow pointing to the dot on a line.)
  6. Select the stitches to be cut by dragging the lasso around them.
  7. Click the “split” tool from the stitch editor menu.
  8. Run the stitch simulator (icon looks like a needle over play and pause buttons).
  9. Use the simulator to find the beginning and end stitches which need tie-offs.
  10. Return to the stitch editor, select the first or last stitch in your newly split section, right click and select “ensure tie before/after” for the beginning or ending stitches.
  11. Return to normal view. Color the monogram as you like.
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