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Can I make applique cut files with Embrilliance?

Would you like to easily pre-cut applique pieces? If you have an electronic cutter such as Cameo or Silhouette, Embrilliance Essentials and StitchArtist can create cut files (.studio or .svg, .fcm) perfectly matched to your embroidery designs for it directly. Here’s how to do it.

  1. In stitch simulator, identify the color stop which is the position stitch.
  2. Next, select the color which you have identified as the position stitch.
  3. Choose the “Applique” tab.
  4. Select “Position” from the style pull-down menu.
  5. Select “fabric preview.” This shows what your electronic cutter will cut.
  6. Set the inflation to create a shape that is a little bit bigger than the stitching lines (try 1.5).
  7. Choose to save.
  8. Name your cut file in the top area.
  9. Select your format (.studio,.fcm, .svg) from the pull-down list at the bottom.
  10. You’re ready to send your file to the electronic cutting machine.

This tip works in Essentials and StitchArtist from Embrilliance.

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