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Machine Embroidery Demo October 30th 2017

Thanksgiving Banners Thread Set with Design Pack

Decorating for Thanksgiving has never been easier. The Thanksgiving Banner & the Give Thanks Banner from Punkin Designs are just the things to dress up your mantel this season. The hard part is deciding which banner you will make!

We paired this pack with beautiful Autumn hues of Hemingworth Thread including Burnt Sienna, Teddybear Brown, New Penny, Ivy, Bush Ivy and Carrot.

It's a Cinch! Gift Bags, Volume 2: Christmas (CD)

Creating a fully-lined and professional looking in-the-hoop gift bag has never been so easy! You'll be amazed at how these bags come together in just one hooping! These embellished gift bags incorporate appliqué designs, as well a fun technique for using embroidery foam for small portions of select designs!

6 different size bags are included, and each design comes in 2 sizes. With all of these designs and bag sizes, you'll be able to make 12 different bags!

As a bonus, you'll also receive a page of 9 printable gift tags in full color so you can easily attach them to the finished bag -- now they're ready for gift giving!

Ginger Christmas Thread Set and Design Pack

What could be better than a gingerbread project to herald the upcoming Christmas season? How about a set of 6 projects!

A Ginger Christmas includes a mug rug, a mug chug, a mug lid, a mug hug to wrap around the mug, a tension-closing goody holder (for a gift card or cash or small goody), and last but not least, a sign to hang in a nook that needs some ginger cheer.

For Ginger Christmas we created the perfect Hemingworth thread set, which includes Teddybear Brown, Dark Chocolate, Candy Apple, Dark Kelly Green, Snowflake, and Gentle Blush threads.

Have it Your Way Thread Set with Design Pack

The title of this pack says it all! Outer pocket with zippered compartment? Inner pockets for items that tend to "sink" to the bottom of the bag? Inner large zippered compartment that splits the inside into two sections? All or none of the above? Have it your way!

This design pack provides 6 design files to create all of the above-mentioned features. The bag itself (9 1/2" x 12" x 4 1/2") features front and lining fabrics and dense fleece batting along with various decorative "quilting" motifs. The front, back, sides, and bottom are created and connected entirely in the hoop, and at that point the side seams are completed with traditional sewing to make the bag 3-dimensional; all the inner seams are finished in the hoop with an overcast edge.

The optional compartments are also created and attached in the hoop, with the exception of the large inside zippered compartment, which is attached when the final side seams are sewn. Don't forget to add your choice of handles, bind the top edge, add a snap if you wish, and your custom bag is ready for service...your way!

We paired Have it Your Way with a six spool Hemingworth thread set, including Sun, Ginger Root, Old Gold, Dove Gray, Chrome and Pewter Gray threads.

Perfect Placement Kit by Designs in Machine Embroidery 2nd Edition

With the this kit it’s easy to achieve perfect placement of designs on almost everything—napkins, towels, shirt cuffs, left chest and more. Embroider perfectly matched sets linens and clothing with speed and precision.

Achieve precisely position designs on napkins, towels, shirt cuffs, left chest and more. You can even make exact duplicates with ease as well as flawless precision monogramming. No measuring required, great for embroiderers—from beginners to pros.

 Perfect Placement Kit Includes:

  • 11 Perfect Placement templates for linens

  • 4 Perfect Placement plastic templates for wearables

  • 30 Target Stickers

  • 6 Text Stickers

  • The Mini Ruler, a translucent, flexible ruler that fits in any 4” x 4” hoop

  • 20 page, full color Perfect Placement Guide on CD illustrates how to use each template for perfect placement every time

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