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This alphabet is available in BX format, a keyboard lettering format for Embrilliance software.
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How Can I Install .BX fonts in Embrilliance?

Embroidery.com now offers fonts in .bx format.

To add .bx fonts, you often need to unzip or extract the files.

Mac:double-click on a zipped file and it will be extracted.

Windows: right click on the zipped file, and select "extract all" to unzip

Simply drag the .bx file onto the Embrilliance design page. The software will install the font.

To find the .bx file:

Mac: use Apple Finder

Windows: Windows explorer

Then just drag the unzipped font folder onto your Embrilliance software, and it's installed!

Patricia F.

Help I have a .bx file that won't install in embrilliance essentials. I installed other .bx but this one won't.

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Kirsten S.

hi Patricia

First, is the bx one from embroidery. com? i so , we can replace it for you.

if not, I have a few ideas. Check that th problem bx is unzipped or extracted.

You may need to Change your file view to troubleshoot further. Enabling file extensions on the view will help you determine if there is a problem with the file type.

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