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Project Video Featuring Kimberbell's Halloween Boo! Bench Pillow

Join Donnett & DeeAnn for this week's Project Video featuring Kimberbell Designs' Halloween Boo! Bench Pillow.

Each week, DeeAnn shares a project from beginning to completion. She talks about what the project taught her, what the struggles were, and how she over came them. We also include which products and supplies she used to complete that project.

Included on the Kimberbell Designs' Halloween Boo! Bench Pillow CD are...

  • All of the machine embroidery designs.

  • A PDF of the fabric requirements and instructions for making the sewn versions of the bench pillow.

  • There are 2 hooping options available: a 6x10 and 9x14.

  • Instructions for making the pillow form and finished pillow are all included along with detailed step-by-step instructions for multi-hooping.

What a fun project to decorate your home with!


This is only one of Kimberbell’s popular series of interchangeable Bench Pillow Series! You can start by making one large "bench pillow" form. Then change out a new cover for that pillow form for each season or holiday!

Donnett: First, on this project you are able to do all of the quilting at the bottom of the pillow. How did that work?

DeeAnn: It was so easy.  It does a outline stitch of where you are going to place the (fabric) pieces. Then it will do a tack down stitch and you continue to add the (fabric) pieces all the way around and it makes your block for you.


Donnett: You were using the Snap Hoop Monster for the Babylock Solaris Embroidery Machine from Designs in Machine Embroidery.

DeeAnn: Yes, I love this Magna Hoop, it helps keep my embroidery from popping out of the hoop. 

Donnett: What stabilizer did you used?

DeeAnn: I used a medium tearaway stabilizer for all of the machine embroidery designs.

Donnett: How long did the project take from beginning to completion?

DeeAnn: It took about 2 weeks, working on it about 6 hours a day. The stitch count is high, with all of the satin stitching around the applique designs, so it took awhile to stitch out.

Donnett: What was something new that you learned?

DeeAnn: The different ways some of the applique designs are stitched. Some have a decorative stitch and you need to cut the applique fabric really close so it doesn't have any threads hanging off that could ruin the decorative stitch. I used Flexi Snips instead of Applique Scissors so I could get as close as I could.  

Donnett: I love how it does all of the quilting. Not only for the quilt squares at the bottom but the quilting around the machine embroidery designs.

DeeAnn: Yes, I can go in to the IQ designer on the Baby-lock Solaris Embroidery Machine and I can choose the quilting I want to do. And I can program it where I want to to be.  

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