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Machine Embroidery Roadblock: This design is (just a little) too big!

Q: When is an inch not an inch?
A: When your embroidery design is four inches big, and so is your sewing area.

But why? Why, if my sewing area is four inches, and I have a design that is four inches -- why is my machine telling me the design is too big?  

The short answer is that your embroidery machine is looking at the metric measurement: 100 millimeters, and you are looking at the imperial measurement, which is an approximation.  It’s just a few decimal points of difference between the 100 millimeters and the inch, but that’s all it takes! Want the long version?

Don’t despair though. If you have any embroidery software on your computer, you can most likely reduce the design by that teensy tiny amount and never notice the difference.  What’s more, it’s easy to do.

I’ve made a video showing you how to use the one-click re-size method in Embrilliance Essentials.  

P.S. This will work on designs that are not even close to your hoop size.  When I say “work,” I mean that it will re-size whatever you tell it to re-size.  Please use your common sense, and realize that a 10” design reduced to 4” (for example) is a bit of a gamble, and don’t stitch it on your expensive blank item without a test. Better yet, find a design that was made closer to the size you actually need.

Enjoy the ability to use designs that are almost just right.


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