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Machine Embroidery Roadblock: my machine doesn’t take this format

When would this happen?  

  • If you purchase a new machine, different from the one you had before
  • If you purchase designs not delivered in the format that you need

If you have an embroidery design that your machine cannot read because the format is incorrect, there are ways around this roadblock.  Let me show you the quick little detours that will solve the problem.

Basically, you can convert it to another embroidery format -- one that your machine can use. To do this, you need embroidery software on your computer. There are many available.  Some free, some not. If you do any editing or color changing of designs, you probably already have software that will convert formats.

The video above shows you how to change formats in Embrilliance Essentials software.  I have used several other programs for converting designs. Some other options include Buzz-Catalog, Buzz-Explore, Wilcom TrueSizer, and MyEditor.  For most of them, the procedure is similar. If you’ve got software, and designs that could be converted, why not give it a try?

Kandace W.

Does essentials act as a browser to download files from the Internet? I am using Windows 10 which has nothing to read a jef file

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Heather B.

Hi, Kandace. No internet browser will be able to read an embroidery file. If you want to general download files from Embroidery.com, you can follow these instructions:

If you need software to use your embroidery files, yes, Embrilliance Essentials is absolutely a great choice! Here's a blog we did on how you can use Embrilliance to transfer designs to a USB stick for use on your Embroidery machine:

We also have a free class you can sign up for in order to learn Essentials. Here's a link to the sign up page:

Please let us know if you have further questions.

[email protected]

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