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How do I adjust a single letter?

How to adjust letters in Embrilliance Essentials and AlphaTricks

In Essentials:

1. Select the individual letter using your mouse by clicking on the the center green box on the letter.
2. Use the rotate buttons or handles to turn the letter until it is as you like it (you can use the mirror or other tools here as well).
3. Do this process each time you use this letter in this font. Quick, fast and easy.

If you have AlphaTricks, you can take this a step further and save the font with your changes, so that every time you use the font, your adjusted letter will be the way you adjusted it, without edits needed.

1. To go to AlphaTricks, click the icon that looks like a vertical ABC next to a needle.
2. The font mapping dialogue comes up, and you can use the drop-down list to find the font you are wanting to adjust.
3. Scroll through mapped letters until you reach the one you want to change.
4. Select that one letter by clicking on it.
5. Use the rotate buttons above on the left to change the letter until it is how you like it.
6. Save the font with the "save font" button on the right.

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