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Getting Centered

Many moons ago, in a little commercial embroidery shop, I flipped through the pages of the stock design book on hand, looking for the right design for an order. Once I found it, I hoped someone had already stitched a sample of the design and marked the design center point with crosshairs. If I found a stitched and marked sample, I could use it to correctly place the embroidery on the day’s order. If not, I would begin my work by first stitching a sample, and then lowering the needle over the center point, marking the spot right on the stitches with a ball-point pen or permanent marker.

This stitched and marked sample became my placement guide. I could place it on top of the first hat, shirt, or bag of the day’s order in the requested spot, align the machine’s pantograph frame to the start point marked on the sample. Then I could remove the sample and start the machine, whipping out 12 identical copies at a time.

And then in-house digitizers started to change that. They began to create designs specifically for each order and print an actual sized picture of it, complete with crosshairs. This meant that I could skip the sample-stitching for-placement-finding step, in many cases.

Did you know you can print your own actual sized picture of your embroidery design to help you determine placement before stitching?

Wilcom TrueSizer has that option, and so has Embrilliance software.

Here’s how:

Embrilliance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8jBEy95u-Q&t=2s

TrueSizer: https://www.embroidery.com/help?docid=1565