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Wonders of the Basting Box: off-center designs

Twice in the same day, there were two posts to a machine embroidery forum, asking variations on the same question:

Help! I saved the design in the corner of the hoop, but it keeps stitching in the center! How can I get it to stitch in the corner?

Maybe you have a design that you know you want to stitch near the bottom of your hoop. Have you noticed that no matter how it shows in your software, your machine always starts it in the center of your hoop?

Guess what! There is a way to make that happen in the software so that you don’t have to adjust it manually at the machine.

baste off center.JPG

The secret is in the basting box. Did you know that in Essentials, the basting box can be resized, just like any other design element? Just change the size of your basting box so that it matches the size of your hoop. Now place your design where you want it to be in that box. Presto! The machine will center the new “design” based on the basting box, and your intended element will stitch out in the corner, the side, or wherever it was that you put it. Handy, yes?

But what about the basting box? You might not want an off-center box around your design. No problem. If you prefer to skip it, you can do that, but basting is also useful to stabilize your design. Basting stitches are meant to be removed. They don’t lock down, and they’re fairly large. Just use a pin to loosen them, or the tip of a seam ripper on the back side to cut the bobbin thread, and pull the top thread right off.

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