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How do I fix tension on my machine?

This is a long and very detailed video. You'll learn something about your Brother machine, guaranteed.

Sandra K.

Hi - I could use some suggestions on my tension. My bobbin thread is coming up to the topside. I have changed the thread, and needle. Then I changed the bobbin itself and wound one with a different thread (I had been using a prewound bobbin) and this REALLY helped but still not there. I still get white on the edges. I have adjusted my tension on the LED screen all the way negative and positive with absolutely no change.

Do I need to adjust the bobbin case? I am brand new to this and this machine (never used it before) and am a very experienced seamstress. Changing the tension on a bobbin in a sewing machine is more of a no-no and so I hesitate to do it on the embroidery machine.

Any suggestions will help.


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Kirsten S.

Hi Sandra,

It sounds to me like you have done everything else! I will suggest carefully checking the upper thread path with a flashlight for any obstructions and remove any stray threads in there with tweezers.

My brother machine was doing the same thing you described, and adjusting
the tension as shown in the video was the thing that finally helped. I understand it's a bit of a no-no. You might take it to your repair shop to get their take on it if that will ease your mind.

Colored bobbins are a short-term solution that more hide the problem than anything, but something to consider if you need a stop-gap fix.

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