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Embroidered Cards

Embroidered Cards

Embroider beautiful cards for the special people in your life!


You will need the following materials: Designs from the Christmas Cards or Holiday Cards Design Packs, Card Stock (You can find cardstock in craft stores and scrapbooking stores. Use high quality cardstock to embroider on.), 10/70 sharp needle or 11 sharp or smaller. Paper Cutting board or Ruler and Pen, Spray Adhesive, Cutaway backing, Full Bobbin, Scissors, Glue. Design shown in this project: Card: Christmas Greetings Card CD062510FA, Postcard: Peace Branch Card CD062510FG.


Cut the cardstock that you are going to embroider on. Postcard Size: 4 1/4" x 5 1/2", Card Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". Also cut decorative cardstock or thicker paper 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" for each postcard/card you are making.


Hoop 1 piece of medium weight cutaway.


Embroider the first color stop which is the card dieline. Stop the machine. The postcard image appears on the left and the card appears on the right in steps 4 and 6 thru 11.


Postcard: Spray adhesive on the back of the cardstock (Graphic for this step illustrates this spraying process).


Christmas Card: With the inside of the card facing up, spray adhesive on the left side of card. *See step 13 for horizontal Christmas Card instructions.


Place the card, sticky side down inside the dieline on the backing.


Start the machine and continue embroidering until the design is completed.


Remove the backing from the hoop and gently cut away the excess backing from the back of the card.


Have your decorative paper that has been cut to 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" near. Now apply glue to the back of the embroidered side of the card/postcard.


Place your decorative paper, face up, onto the back of the card you have just applied the glue to. Press firmly. Place a book or heavy object on top of the card and let the glue dry before writing on the card.


Now you have a completed postcard & card. You can personalize them with your Christmas message. The top picture shows 2 postcards showing the front and back of the postcard. The Christmas Greetings card images show the front and back of the card in the left image and the inside of the card in the right image.


TIPS: 1) Use a high quality cardstock to embroider on. Do not use cardstock that has decorative elements inside like leaves or small flowers. 2) If your cardstock is tearing when you embroider it, use a thicker weight of cardstock with longer fibers. 3) Needles: Make sure to use a size 11 or smaller sharp needle. If you use a universal or ballpoint needle the holes will be much larger in the card and tearing might occur. 4) Horizontal Christmas Card: When spraying adhesive to the inside cover on the horizontal cards, you will spray the bottom inside cover. (Graphic for this step illustrates this spraying process).


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