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Cutout Instructions

Cutout Instructions

Create a popular lived-in look for athletic sweatshirts, bags, and other team items with these instructions and the designs from Starbird's Cutout Numbers or Cutout Alphabet design packs. It's a simple technique and it's an on-trend look, too!


You will need the following materials: letters or numbers from either the Cutout Alphabet Design Pack or the Cutout Numbers Design Pack, a garment or bag of your choice, one piece of contrasting fabric (we used red felt), one to two pieces of cut away backing, and small sharp scissors.


Hoop your fabric as follows. Place the backing on the bottom. We used two pieces of backing for stability. The contrasting fabric comes next, and the garment goes on top.


Embroider the entire design and remove from the hoop.


Turn the garment inside out and trim away any excess backing and contrasting fabric. Then turn the garment right side out again as you are now ready to cut out the letters.


Now you are going to cut out the inside of each letter, about 1/8" in from the inside outline.


Cut the center of the letters, not between the two outlines. Cut only the top fabric, leaving the contrasting fabric below intact.


This is how your garment will look when you have cutout the letters.

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