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Anita's Lace Rose Bowl

Anita's Lace Rose Bowl

A popular and fun project is a lace bowl. It's an elegant spin on the fabric bowls that looks much more difficult, but may in reality be somewhat simpler. In Anita's Lace collection we have included the designs needed to create a simple, white or colorful bowl. This project shows you how.


The first step is to embroider one base design and six side pieces. This is done on a water or heat soluble stabilizer. When the embroidery is finished, leave the stabilizer in, as this makes it easier to sew the project.


The next step is to begin joining the sides to the base. Use a joining stitch on your sewing machine. For best results, match the thread on your sewing machine to the thread used to embroider the design.


Continue around the base, sewing each side piece onto a side of the base.


Here you can see what it looks like once all six side pieces have been attached to the base. The result is rather like a flower.


Finishing the bowl is the only tricky part of the project. Join together two sides, beginning at the outer edge and working toward the base.


Continue joining sides around the bowl. You will be surprised at your ability to sew "inside" the bowl.


When you are joining the last two sides together, it's okay to crumple the project a little.


Next, remove the stabilizer. If you have used a water soluble stabilizer, give the bowl a quick bath in a sink of water. If your stabilizer is heat soluble, work your way around the sides of the bowl using an iron or a mini iron.


You may find a pressing ham is necessary to get into all of the nooks and crannies of the bowl. If you do not have access to a pressing ham, you might make one to fit your bowl. Use an upside down can and cover it with several thicknesses of wool.


The finished bowl alights on a winter table like a beautiful snowflake.

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