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Elegant Embroidered Slipcovers

Elegant Embroidered Slipcovers

A slipcover can easily create, update, or spice up your decor. While you are making slipcovers, consider adding an extra dimension withembroidery. Our example shows you how.


For determining the design placement on your slipcovers, pin your slipcover pattern pieces around your chair and use printed production sheets to help you envision the finished product.


Mark the design placement on the pattern pieces and then transfer those markings to your final fabric.


Embroider the designs. Our example uses Deco Accent 4A (AINPEM7) above, paired with Deco Accent 1B (AINPEM2) below.


After the embroidery is finished, cut the slipcover pieces and finish construction.


Our chair's long legs were the inspiration for adding a dangling beaded or tasseled trim along the lower edge of the slipcover.


Voila! Elegant style.

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