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Halloween Countdown Wallhanging

Halloween Countdown Wallhanging

What's your favorite part of Halloween? Is it the fall colors? Is it candy? Is it all the fun characters? This felt Halloween wallhanging with a "Count Down to Candy" theme is a colorful and functional celebration piece that combines all three.


The first step is to mark the black felt for the wallhanging. The finished piece will be eleven inches wide, and thirteen and a half inches high, with a 4 and a half inch pocket folded up from the bottom. The total dimensions for marking and cutting will be 18"x11". Make the markings now, but save the cutting until after the embroidery.


We'll be embroidering designs on the top of the wallhanging and on the pocket, so in addition to marking the fabric dimensions, also mark the locations and orientations of the embroidery designs. For the top section, use the large Count Down To Candy design (ML62).


Since the pocket embroidery is going to be on the opposite side of the felt from the main motif, it’s especially important that I mark its design locations before embroidery begins. Since it might be confusing later on as to which way is up, also also draw a directional arrow on each placement dot. For this area, use the small Countdown to Candy design (ML64) surrounded by four uses of the small candy corn design (ML97) .


Rotate the small candy corn designs that will be on the pocket. For this example two rotations were used: 45 degrees right, and 45 degrees left.


Embroidering on black material means working with high contrasting colors of embroidery and fabric. Use "Hide It” topper sheets to help the embroidery stand out.


Lay a coordinating colored topper over the embroidery area just prior to stitching the corresponding part of the design.


After that section is embroidered, stop your machine and simply tear away the excess topper before moving on.


After the wallhanging embroidery is finished, cut the felt along the chalk lines marked earlier. The wallhanging is now at its finished size.


Make a pocket for the pieces by folding up four and a half inches from the bottom of your wallhanging. This brings the smaller designs to the top, right side up.


Trim the top edge of the pocket with ribbon. In this example, a fusible hem tape was used to affix the ribbon. You may wish to sew the ribbon on instead.


Either sew or press with hem tape to close the sides of the pocket.


Cut a piece of fusible stiffener (our example uses Floriani's Stitch 'n Shape single side fusible) slightly smaller than the wallhanging. Fuse to the back side of the wallhanging to give it stability.


On a separate piece of felt, embroider your countdown candy corn designs, and stitch a number on each.


Cut out each finished piece.


Use adhesive hook and loop tape to display each countdown number in turn. Apply a 3/4" square of adhesive hook tape to the center of the top "Count Down to Candy" motif.


Add a 3/4" square of adhesive loop tape to the back of each candy corn piece.


Store the extra candy corn pieces in the pocket.


With needle & thread, attach a ribbon for hanging to the top, and the "Count Down to Candy" can begin!

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