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Personalized Beach Bag Tote

Personalized Beach Bag Tote

A jumbo tote perfect for filling with towels, flip flops, and sun protection gear makes a great functional accessory. Embellish it with embroidery designs and your own photographs and trinkets, and you'll have a fun, personalized beach bag.


Gather some of your favorite pictures and small beach-combing trinkets like agates shells, and coordinating beads.


Transfer your photographs to the beach bag using specialty printer paper. In this project, a cool-peel iron-on transfer paper purchased at an office supply store, was used.


Make display pockets out of clear vinyl, and drop a few of your trinkets inside each one. For full instructions on creating clear vinyl pockets, see the related technique sheet.


Embroider the other embroidery designs first, saving the photographs and trinket pockets for last.


Next, embroider the colorful frame design around the pictures. Use the appliqué to protect the picture with a piece of clear vinyl. Adding the embroidered frame will really make each picture fit in with the color theme of the project.


Appliqué the trinket pockets to the bag using the same frame design. I recommend that you watch your machine and make adjustments to the trinkets within the pocket as you sew.


Embroider tiny designs along the bag straps.


There! Now you're all set to find your favorite beach and have fun!
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