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Kitchen Pocket Topper

Kitchen Pocket Topper

A fun option for placement of embroidery is over a pocket. Several pocket topper designs are available. Often, the pocket toppers are designed to give the appearance of actually being in your pocket.


Use a cut out from a printed production sheet to determine placement. Use embroidery placement dots and a pin to poke through the center point crosshairs on the production sheet cut out, and through the center of the placement dot. Place the design slightly over the edge of the pocket's top hem. Press down on the sticker dot and remove the pin and the cut out. For detailed directions on marking placement, see the related technique.


This pocket will be pretty and functional when finished! So turn down the top hem to avoid stitching it shut. Secure it with masking tape. Once again, I'll use the production sheet cut out and pin to verify that the design will not stitch over the edge of the hem which has just been turned back.


Now hoop the apron for embroidery, using an appropriate stabilizer. It's important that the top of the pocket looks straight horizontally within your hoop. Otherwise, these kitchen tools will appear to "lean" within the pocket. Even if the pocket itself is crooked on the garment, embroidering the design to match the pocket will yield the best results.


Stitch it out. Remove the hoop. Remove the tape. Cut the backing. Put the apron on, and get cooking!

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