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Frayed Reverse Applique

Frayed Reverse Applique

In another technique, I demonstrated simple applique, where applique fabric is placed over the main embroidered item. Today, we'll turn that idea upside down, applying the specialty fabric underneath the embroidered fabric, in a technique called reverse appliqué.


Cut out actual size printouts of your design and tape them over the top of your applique fabric. Spray with an embroidery safe spray adhesive. Cleanup is easy with adhesive cleaner spray.


Press the tacky side of your sprayed applique fabric to the underside of your item for embroidery. In this example, I'm using a denim jacket, and pressing my denim applique fabric to its underside.


Embroider the front side of your applique fabric with the reverse applique design shape.


Remove the embroidery from the machine and check to verify that the applique fabric on the underside was sewn through, all the way around the design.


With scissors, pierce only the top layer of denim, and cut within the stitching to reveal the applique fabric, leaving a margin of the top fabric.


After laundering, the denim frays, leaving a fun fringe border. It's a great alternative look popular with the kids, and works for a variety of projects.

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