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Using Appliqué Templates

Using Appliqué Templates

See how appliqué templates can be used for pre-cutting appliqué fabric. This project demonstrates how to use appliqué templates and fusible backing to make the most complex designs simple.


Find your appliqué templates.


On the paper backed-side of your two-sided heat-fusible sheet, trace a mirror image of your template. This means you turn the template so that the "right side" markings are down, not visible. Copy the color stop markings from the template onto your tracing.


After tracing, press the fuzzy side of your two-sided heat-fusible sheet to the underside (not the pretty, bright side) of your appliqué fabric.


After pressing, cut the fused fabric pieces out accoding to your traced lines.


Embroider the appliqué mark line on the project fabric/garment (apron in this case)


Peel off the paper from the corresponding appliqué fabric piece.


The revealed surface is tacky to the touch. Place the appliqué piece within the embroidered outline.


Continue with the tack-down zig-zag stitch. Trim any fabric that seems in danger of sticking out.


Continue sewing; the appliqué border.


When all's finished, press the appliquéd areas; this creates a permanent bond between the two fabrics used.

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