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Making Applique Templates

Making Applique Templates

Appliqué templates are handy for pre-cutting appliqué fabric, and on the more complicated designs, they can be absolutely essential.

Here's a quick way to make durable templates you can use over and over again.


Today, we're doing advanced appliqué, in which appliqué templates are essential. Take a sheet of 100lb cardstock, trace the shape of your hoop onto it, and cut that out. Tape this cardstock onto the bottom of your hoop.


We’ll sew the appliqué outlines onto the cardstock, either with or without thread in the needle. The needle penetrations will perforate the cardstock for easy cutting.


Your design may have several stitch stops in between the appliqué outline color stops. Skip over the undesired color stops as you go.


As the templates are created, mark each template area to match the corresponding color stop.


When the entire sequence of appliqué templates has been nicely perforated in the cardstock by the embroidery machine, cut each template out along the lines.


Now you have templates to use for pre-cutting the appliqué fabric. These templates also can be stored with the other information for the design, all of which will make the final project much easier, and can be referred to at any later time.

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