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How can I preview an applique design in software?

  1. Select a color by clicking on it in the Objects window
  2. The properties pane appears below. It has two tabs. The threads tab is already selected.
  3. Click the color swatch, and you’ll see the “colors” window appear. Here you can select the color you would like.
  4. If your design includes appliques, click the Applique tab.
  5. Select “applique position” for the color stop which marks the applique placement, sometimes called an applique mark.
  6. Select a fabric view for your applique. If you click “simulated”, the color used for the applique position color stop will be used to create a simulation of your applique fabric. Click OK to save your changes.
  7. If your applique includes a “tack down” color stop, select that color stop in the properties window above.
  8. Once again, click the color swatch in the properties pane. Select the color you would like. Hint: make it different from the preceding color so that your machine will stop for you to insert your applique fabric.
  9. Click the Applique tab and select the “Applique Material” style. This tells the software that the stop is for tacking down the fabric, placed in the last step.
  10. Click “ok” and your changes will take effect.

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