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How can I add lettering to a design?

  1. Select the lettering tool, and choose a font.
  2. In the text dialogue area, select the ABC text and replace it with your text.
  3. Use the lettering spacing slider to adjust space between the letters.
  4. Grab one of the corner black boxes and drag, to resize the lettering.
  5. Individual letters can be selected by clicking on the green box on the letter. Again, the corner black box which appears can be used to re-size the individual letter.
  6. Click on the blue paper with needle icon to the right of the font tool to open your design selection box.
  7. Navigate to the design, select and choose import.
  8. Click and drag on the design to reposition it.
  9. Click on the objects on the right to change the sewing order.
  10. Right click for the sewing order options, and select the one that suits your needs.
  11. Click off the objects by clicking the background.
  12. Use the handy shortcut tool to center the design in the hoop (looks like three arrows all pointing to center).
  13. Click File, Save as and name your design.
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