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How can I make my own Subway Art?

First add lettering by clicking the “A” icon in the tool panel. Change the placeholder ABC letters, select a font, click the single line icon. The Quickstyles drop-down list appears. Select a quickstyle to apply.

Use the sliders at the bottom of the letters tab to change spacing and angle of an entire word.

To work with a single letter, click the center green square on the letter. Drag.

To move more letters, click the bottom green node on the letter. Drag. You’ll be moving that letter and all the letters behind it.

To change the spacing and angle of letters on the fly, click the top green node on a letter. Drag.

To boost the stitching efficiency of your design, use the “sewing order” drop-down, and drag design elements in the objects pane to create optimal stitching order.

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