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She-Shed Escape!

Hi there!  It's Kirsten -- I'm gearing up to host the She-Shed Escape virtual event, and I hope you'll join me. It's just for Embroidery.com customers, and I'm excited that we can all get together this way! In addition to all that fun, you get a free she-shed design for being part of it.

If you have also been watching our weekly  live events with Eileen, you have an idea what it is like. Unlike those, this event requires registration.  And unlike those, this event is going to be over an hour long.  There will also be event-only prices.  

If you attended Camouflage with Lace this summer -- this event is another like that! 

I invite you to join us (registration is free) and you're going to love it!

Join Eileen Roche and Ashley Jones for a She Shed experience where you will find everything you need to make your embroidery escape!

Kirsten Swanson will be the host of this event and looks forward to joining you on October 8th!

A She Shed doesn’t have to be a building, it can be a place where all your favorite things are found – from machines to tools to your favorite pet companions.

The She Shed Embroidery Escape will answer important embroidery questions – from design placement to hooping to software.

Watch and learn how to mark and hoop left-chest, towels, onesies and download a free design.

Learn How To

  • Transform your embroidery with easy software techniques.
  • Hoop everything from a onesie to a terrycloth towel.
  • Discover the industry’s preferred method of placement.
  • Measure and mark without leaving a trace.
  • Land the embroidery where planned.
  • Create precise professional lettering.


  • Edit designs on the fly.
  • Multiply your embroidery design stash.

Register today for this free 90-minute online presentation.

All who attend will get a free She Shed Embroidery Design

Venue:   Virtual She-Shed Embroidery Escape Event - Embroidery.com

Venue Website: https://embroidery.com/home.ec


She Shed Embroidery Escape – 90 minute Virtual event
October 8th, Thursday at 3:30 pm CDT
Educator Presenting: Ashley Jones
Co-Host: Eileen Roche
Participating Store Host: Kirsten Swanson
Contact Information: kirsten@embroidery.com

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