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What is the difference between the EZ Stitch Wooden Knobs vs the EZ Stitch Metal Knobs

What is the difference between the EZ Stitch Wooden Knobs vs the EZ Stitch Metal Knobs?

The EZ Stitch Wooden Knobs have a threaded inset that is glued into the Knob. This insert is star shaped so it has little spikes going out into the wood. However after years of using them to securing your Scroll Frames, I have had some knobs where that glue bond between the inset and the wooden knob breaks. Then the insert will just spin and you will not be able to get a tight tension with that knob and will need to get a replacement.  


With the EZ Stitch Metal Knobs that threading is part of the Knob, so there is nothing to twist out. So unless you actually strip the threads you should be able to use the Metal Knobs for a very long time.


Now I like a really tight tension and I feel like I get that better with the Metal Knobs. I feel like not only can I twist them tighter but that they hold that tension longer. A good rule to have is when you are finished stitching for the day just to loosen the tension on one end of the Scroll Frame just to relieve some of the tension. The tighten it back up the next day and stitch away.

I don't know about you but I don't have that much strength in my hands and I have found the Metal Knobs are easier for me to grab on to.  Plus if you have trouble grabbing or holding on to the Metal Knobs you can always put a screwdriver through the opening and pull on that to tighten it down.


I recommend the EZ Stitch Metal Knobs as replacement of the 4 Scroll Frame Knobs along with the Knobs on the Lap Stand that secure the Scroll Frame to the Legs.  No need to replace the Knobs attaching the feet to the legs as they hardly ever need tightening.  

How do the Metal Knobs work with the Scroll Frames and the Lap Stand?

So if you decide the Metal Knobs are for you and want to change over to using them with your Lap Stand you will need the EZ Stitch Heavy Duty Spacer Kit. The Metal Knobs are longer then the Wooden Knobs so when you go to turn the Scroll Frame over to get to the back of your project the Metal Knobs will hit on the Legs.


So we created EZ Stitch Heavy Duty Spacer Kit, which are 1.51” in height giving you enough distance between the Metal Knobs and the and the Leg allowing you to turn the whole Scroll Frame a full 360° for quick and easy access to the back of your project.



TIP... With the EZ Stitch Lap stand there is a screw , that screw goes through the Side Bar the Spacer then the Leg. Then a knob is attached and tightened to secure it in to place. That Knob needs to be loosened before you flip it over to get to the back of your work. Then once you flip it back use a screwdriver to tighten it back down and secure the frame into place.

If you are using the Wooden Knobs and do not loosen the knob before you flip the Scroll Frame over, it will put all that pressure on that insert and speed up the glue breaking down. If you are using the Metal Knobs and do not loosen them before you flip the Scroll Frame over that is where you could strip the lining of the Metal Knobs. So always loosen the Knobs before flipping to the back of your project.

All of our EZ Stitch Products are solid Beautiful American Red Oak and hand finished with golden oak oil stain. Making them all a beautiful piece of furniture while creating the perfect stitching tool.

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Marjorie E.

THANK YOU!! you answered a lot of questions for me. :)

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Donnett H.

Oh I am so glad this helped. Let me know if you every have any other questions.

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