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Machine Embroidery Demo Video October 23rd 2019

Join Donnett for this week's Embroidery.com Machine Embroidery Demo Video October 23rd 2019. 

Donnett highlights design packs and thread sets along with all the coordinating product and supplies, all available on Embroidery.com. Our hope is to inspire you with the creativity and all that can be completed with your embroidery machine.

Kimberbell Bench Buddies: September, October, November, December 

From the splendor of autumn to the magic of Christmas, Kimberbell's September, October, November, and December Bench Buddies are a warm welcome to a season of celebration! Bench Buddies, Kimberell's petite pillow series, beautifully match their popular Bench Pillow patterns. Make a new pillow cover, then simply switch out the pillow form for the new holiday and season! The two designs for each month fit Kimberell's 8" square or 9-1/2" x 5-1/2" rectangle pillow forms.

Halloween Ghosts Thread Set with Design Packs


Create your own scary ghosts to hang in your trees this Halloween with the designs in the Halloween Ghosts Large & Small design packs. Match the faces up with the hand designs. With 12 different ghost faces available, you can choose from Pirate Ghost, Devil Ghost, Princess Ghost and so many more!  We've paired this pack with a Hemingworth Six Spool Thread Set.

Fantastic Dragons Thread Set with Design Pack

Everyone of all ages will love these Fantastic Dragon designs. They will add a dramatic flare to any outfit. Ten unique dragons each in two sizes. We've paired this pack with a Hemingworth Six Spool Thread Set.

Kimberbell Lace Studio: Holidays & Seasons, Volume 1

Introducing the Kimberbell Lace Studio! With all the whimsy you expect from a Kimberbell design, the Lace Studio is a collection of six stunningly intricate Lace Portraits with 50 complementary elements. Embroidered as freestanding lace or on fabrics like wool or linen, Kimberbell gives you options for stitching in monochromatic whites for classic lace or in brilliant colors for a contemporary piece! Each Lace Portrait comes in two sizes for 5"x7" (and larger) hoops. Lace Studio also includes instructions for four projects that beautifully feature the Lace Portraits. Smaller lace elements can even be stitched independently for embellishments! The Kimberbell Lace Studio unlocks unlimited creativity for every machine embroidery enthusiast.

I invite you take a tour of our Machine Embroidery Finish Gallery on Embroidery.com. It is full of inspiration and amazing ideas that you can take and use in your stitching. Of course we would love to add your latest creations to our Finish Gallery-- after all, great works of art are meant for display! Send us pictures of your finished projects to donnett@embroidery.com.

You have seen some of our finished projects and now we would love to see yours, so become a member of our Embroidery.com Group on Facebook and share your finished projects. Also be sure to like our Embroidery.com Facebook Page.

Check out my past Machine Embroidery Demos or our New Beginner's Journey into Machine Embroidery Blog as well as my (Donnett's) Machine Embroidery Blog on Embroidery.com. Also, make sure to turn on the notifications as that's how you will know that new videos are up. As always, I love to hear your comments and suggestions for new videos and new content, so leave those for me below or send to donnett@embroidery.com.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett

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