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Design Showcase Featuring Stitching Fairies by Nora Corbett

Today's Design Showcase features Stitching Fairies by Nora Corbett.

Nora Corbett Stitching Fairies are just the good luck charms you need for your stitching!

Floss Fairy Cross Stitch Kit

This is a limited edition kit that includes the pattern, floss, fabric and beads... all that is needed to create this adorable Floss Fairy. She is stunning in her gown and holding tight to her latest creation, the perfect colors of floss for your next project. The fantastic Floss Fairy, may all your colors be true.

Needle Fairy Cross Stitch Pattern

We all know that needles are a small but crucial part of hand embroidery! This Needle Fairy, dressed in a beautiful blue gown, helps guide your stitches, making sure they are straight and smooth. The noble Needle Fairy, helping your needle flow fast and freely.

Thimble Fairy Cross Stitch Pattern

With as much stitching as we do, our fingers could use all the protection this Thimble Fairy can give us. She ponders this as she leans up next to a thimble looking at the needles she is protecting us from. The thoughtful Thimble Fairy, protecting your fingers for years of stitching.

Bead Fairy Cross Stitch Pattern

No matter the size, shape or color, the Bead Fairy loves nothing more than when you add a bit of sparkle with beads to your latest project. The beautiful Bead Fairy, may all your embellishments be safe and secure.

Pincushion Fairy Cross Stitch Kit

This is a limited edition kit that includes all that is needed to create this adorable fairy. She is stunning, dressed in a shimmery blue and white gown as she sits on a pincushion, contemplating on keeping your stitching on point. The pretty Pincushion Fairy, keeping all your points in perfect order.

Linen Fairy Cross Stitch Pattern

No matter the type, count or color, we all know our fabric is the foundation of any needlework. The Linen Fairy is here to keep that foundation strong and true. The lovely Linen Fairy, protecting your linen from scissors and snags.

Now the only question is, which Stitching Fairy are you going to start stitching first?  Add these to your Nora Corbett & Mirabilia Collection today!

To see how others have finished Mirabilia & Nora Corbett Designs and maybe find some inspiration, head over to our Mirabilia & Nora Corbett Finish Gallery.

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Enjoy & Happy Stitching -- Donnett


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