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How to use a Spring Tension Hoop

How to use a Spring Tension Hoop

Spring Tension Hoops are super easy to use, no more tiny screws or warped fabric.

Simply squeeze the bars to the inner ring to take it out of the outer hoop.

Then lay your fabric over the outer hoop.

Squeeze the inner ring and gently set it inside the outer hoop.

This gives nice even tension to all parts of the hooped are.

Tips …

I hold the hoop so my fingers are over the squeeze bar area that way my thread does not get tangled or snag as I am stitching.

If you have a hoop that you have used for awhile and feel like it is not holding as tight as it used to. Pull the Squeeze Bars away from each other. It might feel like you are making the inner ring bigger, but when it goes back in the outer ring the tension will be back to normal.

Hoop burn is when there is a hoop impression is left in the fabric. This will usually happen to and extent. But once you are done with the project and clean and iron it, it will disappear. But just to be on the save side I recommend that you un-hoop your stitching when you are done for the moment or the day. Less time in the hoop equals less changes of hoop burn right


If you have any tips on using a Spring Tension Hoop please comment below.

Susan H.

I have never used a spring hoop before and am quite frustrated. I am having difficulty trying to figure out the layout. If I put the fabric over the outer ring, then squeeze the inner ring inside the outer ring, is that the underside? I also am having trouble squeezing the inner bars to get it to fit in the outer ring.

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Donnett H.

Ok so with the spring tension hoop you can use it either way with the tongs of the inner ring on top or on bottom. I use it with the tongs down and my hand wrapped round them. This way the floss does not get tangled in the tongs as I am stitching. To get the metal inner ring you squeeze the tongs together place it down on to the fabric and release it into the outer ring.

If you would like I can to a tutorial on the spring tension hoops in our LIVE this coming Thursday. It is on our Embroidery.com Cross Stitch & Hand Embroidery Facebook Page and YouTube Channel at 7pm MST. I will go over my preferred placement, size and just all things Spring Tension Hoop related.

I hope this helps and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

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Jean O.

I've got a spring hoop that doesn't have the pieces sticking out of the hoop. Just a continuous hoop. It has a spring on the outer hoop to allow the stretch around the inner hoop. I'd love another. Ever seen then? I love it. Jean

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John K.

eBay has lots of them

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Beatriz T.

How nice tutorial.

And how do I use the embroidery hoop whith foot for fix the fabric?

And if the fabric is smaller than the hoop how can I work ?



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Donnett H.

Hi Beatriz

I am not sure what your first question is asking could you clarify and let me know.

There are 3 sizes of spring tension hoops the smallest being 3.5 inch, but if your fabric is smaller then you will have to stitch it free hand, meaning no hoop. But when fabric is that small it is really easy to stitch free hand.

I hope this helps.

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Margot W.

I love these hoops, for free hand stitching with my embroidery machine, but somehow do not get a tight fit for some hand embroidery. I just see which works best. I also have a blue hoop (looks like the old wooden hoops) which seems to word wonderful for both machine and hand embroidery

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Julie B.

I just don't like hoops

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Donnett H.

You stitch free hand don't you? I think it is amazing that some people can do that.

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Rebecca M.

I wondered how these work . . .

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