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3D Flower Embroidering

In this project, you will learn how to embroider 3D flowers.

Please have the design color stop information in front of you and read through these instructions before starting. You will need to know if the flower you have chosen has 2 or 3 layers of flower petals. If the design has 2 layers, you will need 2 pieces of organza/linen fabric. If the design had 3 layers, you will need 3 pieces of organza/linen fabric. Listed at right, you will find a PDF file called "Layers." In this file, you will find a list of the designs with their file numbers, along with how many layers each design has. There are 2 design packs listed; 3D Flower Large and 3D Flowers Small. The instructions below will work with both sizes.

Step 1:

Gather the following materials: One 3D Flower Design from the 3D Flowers Large or Small Design Packs, Organza or Linen Fabric, Embroidery Thread, Spray Adhesive or Fabric Glue, Sharp Scissors (Optional: Large and Small).

Step 2:

First hoop 1 piece of organza or linen fabric in your hoop. Load the embroidery file into your machine.

Step 3:

Embroider the first color stop and remove the hoop from your machine. (This is the top layer of flower petals for the design.)

Step 4:

Remove the fabric from the hoop.

Step 5:

Gently cut the organza away from the design by cutting along the edges of the outline stitches. (Be careful not to cut any of the stitches.)

Step 6:

Hoop another piece of organza.

*If your design had 3 layers, repeat steps 3 through 6.

*If you only have 2 layers, continue to Step 7.

Step 7:

Return the hoop to your machine and embroider the next color stop. (This will be the bottom layer.)

Step 8:

Use Spray Adhesive or Fabric Glue and apply to the center of the flower only.

Step 9:

Shown in the picture for this step is a 2 layer design with the top layer placed on the bottom layer.

For 2 Layer design: Place the top layer on the bottom layer. Use the lines in the center to line up the top and bottom layers. Continue to Step 10. For 3 Layer design: Place the Middle layer on the bottom layer. Use the lines in the center to line up the top and middle layers. Embroider the next color stop and stop the machine. Repeat Step 9 with the top layer and place the top layer on the middle layer in your hoop. Continue to Step 10.

Step 10:

Start the machine again and embroidery the design until you have completed all of the color stops. (Stay at the machine for this step! You may need to stop the machine and press down the top layer of petals as they may tend to curl up.)

Step 11:

Remove the hoop from your machine. Remove the fabric from the hoop and gently cut the fabric away from the bottom layer of the design. Be careful not to cut the stitches.

Step 12:

Now you have the completed design.
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