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Embroidered Lace Edged Tablecloth

Embroidered Lace Edged Tablecloth

Nothing says gorgeous lace like an edged tablecloth. In the Anita's Lace Home Decor package, we include two designs to create a perfectly edged tablecloth. Lace Tablecloth Edge Element 1 (HDLA11) is the design used for the sides, and Lace Tablecloth Edge Element 2 (HDLA12) is used for corners on a square or rectangular table.


Determine the number of Lace Tablecloth Edge Element 1 (HDLA11) pieces you will need. Measure the diameter of your table. If the table you will edge is not round, subtract 11.92 inches (you will need eight corner pieces, and their top edge width is 1.49 inches each). The number you get is the length you have left to cover with side pieces. Each side piece is 2.82 inches wide. Divide the length you have left to cover (in inches) by 2.82. The number you get tells you how many pieces you need to make. If the number is not even, make one extra piece to represent the decimal value. If needed, you can trim and stitch this piece in to fill any gaps later on.


Embroider the lace pieces on soluble stabilizer such Floriani's Wet 'n Gone or ABC's Aquafilm Badgemaster. When the embroidery is finished, cut or gently tear the stabilizer away from the edges, leaving most of it in place.


At a sewing machine, join the pieces using a joining or zigzag stitch.


Measure and cut your tablecloth base fabric. This should cover the area of the top of your table, plus 1 1/2" inches of underlap for stitching, all the way around.


Pin the lace onto the tablecloth fabric. Fold and press diagonal creases in the tablecloth fabric to align the corner pieces accurately.


Now lay the lace so that the right side of the lace and the right side of the tablecloth fabric are both facing upward. At the sewing machine, use a narrow zigzag and stitch (make the stitch width adjustment about 1.5 - 2.0 and the stitch length to match) along the right hand column of satin stitching that forms the top edge of the border lace.


On the wrong side, iron the fabric toward the center of the tablecloth to create a neat fold against the top border of the lace.


Making sure that the fabric under the lace stays folded toward the center of the cloth, zigzag along the left side of the satin column on the top edge of the lace.


Trim the seam allowance closely along the stitching on the wrong side of the fabric to create a neat edge.


The final step is to dissolve the stabilizer. Use heat or water to dissolve, as directed. Now the project is finished!

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