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Positioning Designs Using the Sewing Revolution 5/7

The Sewing Revolution can be used to position machine embroidery within many shapes including circles, squares, hexagons etc. This tutorial illustrates using the Sewing Revolution 5/7 to precisely position an embroidery design on fabric. You can use this tutorial to learn how to position up to seven designs in a circle.


Print an actual sized production sheet for the embroidery design you are placing. Cut the design out. Place The Sewing Revolution over the embroidery design template you have just made.


Move the Sewing Revolution until the two yellow lines touch each side of the design.


Take note of the measurement on The Sewing Revolution at the middle point of the design template.


Once this is established, place The Sewing Revolution on the fabric and mark a dot at the center point.


Also mark a dot at your central measurement on the yellow lines.


Mark a dot 1" below this point.


Lastly, mark a dot 1" above the point marked in step 5.


Now on each yellow line there are 3 dots 1 inch apart.


Position the fabric using these 3 dots to center the design. If you would like to mark 7 design lines in a circle, repeat above steps using the blue lines instead of the yellow lines.
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