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Essentials for Hand Embroidery

We've got everything you need to get started on your basic embroidery project in one Hand Embroidery Project Pouch.

These are products we find the most handy and useful for beginners AND seasoned stitchers.

Spring Tension Hoop

One of the most important tools you will need to get started is a Spring Tension hoop. We like these better the old wooden hoops because the Spring Tension hoop is easier to put on your fabric, it holds your fabric better once in place and is easier to adjust and just plain easier to use. (Plus, you won’t get slivers!) Spring Tension hoops come in 3 different sizes, 3in, 5in, and 7in.

Even though we like to use a Spring Tension hoop for stitching, we still love framing our finish pieces in an old-fashioned wooden hoop. Nothing is more trendy, inexpensive and adorable than the look of basic embroidery displayed in a hoop.


Just like a quality hoop is important, the right kind of needle is essential to make your project work! Unlike regular cross-stitch tapestry needles, which have a blunt tip, embroidery needles need to have a sharp tip! Embroidery fabric (usually muslin) has a tighter weave, it’s important to have a sharp needle which will be able to puncture through both of the fabric and the batting.

We recommend Piecemakers' Needles, because of their soft glide through fabric and their durability to withstand bending, braking and tarnishing. They are also easy to thread because of their clean eyes which won’t fray the thread.

Here is a quick sizing guide for Embroidery Needles:

Embroidery (sizes 5/10 assorted) - For all types of embroidery and crewel on finer fabrics.

Embroidery (size 7) - Especially sized for picture smocking and "chicken scratch".

Embroidery (size 8) - For geometric English smocking.

Frixion Pen

Another valuable embroidery tool is the Frixion pen. In order to get your design from the pattern to your fabric, you will need to trace it. Although you can use a pencil, or other writing instrument, we recommend the Frixion Pen because it makes the process so much easier!

The Frixion pen has a smooth-writing gel ink that is completely erasable! The heat-sensitive ink is formulated to disappear and leave no trace. After you have finished stitching, you can apply heat (either with an iron or blow-dryer) to your piece and all the tracing ink will disappear, unlike when you use a pen or other ink.

{Stay tuned for our blog post on this amazing pen. We will show our tips and tricks to this amazing gel pen.}


The last essential tool for embroidery is a good pair of scissors. Every embroiderer, whether they focus on hand or machine embroidery, will need scissors. Quality scissors are a staple for embroidery work. The highest quality scissors can run into the hundreds of dollars. For simple scissors that have all the quality of more expensive scissors, without the price, try Cotton Candy Scissors.

We love them because they are small and compact, very sharp and also inexpensive! (Less than $7!)

Other scissors that we love are Hemingworth Flexi-Snips. They are ergonomically designed with a curved blade and they also can cut much closer to your project than other scissors.

With these four products, you can turn your dream of becoming an embroiderer into a reality. For your convenience, we have packaged these into the Hand Embroidery Project Pouch for the low price of $11.99

Happy Embroidering!!

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