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Enchanted Mermaid

submitted by: Melinda D.

Melinda D.

There is a story behind the stitching of this one. First of all, I would like to thank all three stores that carried the supplies necessary to finish it - Forever Stitching in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Only By Hand at Marie's in Logan, Utah, and Embroidery Central in Logan, Utah. I had ran out of beads again and was trying to get a hold of Marie to get some more. Unfortunately, her mom had been having health problems so Marie was busy. My son and I had gone to the Cache County Fair to look at exhibits when he spotted a dragon picture that he wanted to check out. I quickly realized that the picture was stitched and was being displayed in a cross stitching booth. I talked to the lady running the booth about this piece which I then pulled out of my purse to show her. Donnett almost had a heart attack but was kind enough to send me to the store for the needed beads. Embroidery Central has been my supplier ever since ;)

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