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How can I make a design fit my hoop?

Embrilliance Essentials has a one-click solution. This video demonstrates the use of the Fit to Hoop tool.

  1. In the Edit menu, choose preferences.
  2. From the list, select your hoop size.
  3. Select your design.
  4. Click the “fit to hoop” button (looks like four outward-pointing arrows inside a square)
  5. The design is automatically sized to comfortably fit your hoop.
  6. Save and use the design.

Nan G.

I am having problems with the volume on your videos. My volume is on the highest setting on my computer and also on your video I am watching. Do you have any suggestions on how to remedy this?

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Darin Andersen

There are lots of settings on your computer that can affect your volume. Here are some questions that will help us diagnose the issue:

1) Is there a problem with sound on other YouTube videos? Try this direct link and then watch other related videos https://youtu.be/QDVxxQOINTM

2) Can you hear other sounds on your computer, such as playing music, or other system sounds?

If the problem is only with videos, check the volume on YouTube. Make sure it isn't muted:

For other sound problems on Windows 10, refer to this help document: https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/4026994/windows-10-fix-sound-problems
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Judith A.

Great video, thanks

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Heather B.

You're sure welcome, Judith.

[email protected]

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