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Download, Install, and use Perfect Stitch Viewer

In this video, Eileen demonstrates how to download, install, and use Perfect Stitch Viewer and Embroidery Tool Shed together.  If you were wondering why downloading Perfect Stitch Viewer seemed to give you Tool Shed instead, you'll be happy to know that you actually received BOTH programs when you ordered Perfect Stitch Viewer!

Perfect Stitch Viewer:
  • Shows any embroidery design as an image
  • Once you install it, you never need to open it again
  • Comes with 20 free designs
  • Native on Windows 10
  • Software key for Mac available
  • Comes with Embroidery Tool Shed - free basic editing and priting software!

When you purchase Perfect Stitch Viewer, you also get an included download of Embroidery Tool Shed. Here is the link for help with download and installation that Eileen mentions:
Eileen suggests pausing the video, or else you can scroll down on that page for text and pictures from the video.


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