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EZ Stitch Scroll Rods

EZ Stitch Scroll Rods

The EZ Stitch Scroll Rods allow you the versatility and convenience to size your frame to any project you desire. Scroll Rod Sets include two scroll rods and are crafted from solid unfinished Birch hardwood and sanded for smoothness.

REMEMBER the best thing about the EZ Stitch Scroll Frame System is that everything is compatible. You can use any size Scroll Rods with any size Side Bars.

There are 15 different sizes of Scroll Rods from 6” through 48”. "Size" of Scroll Frame Rods refers to the length of the Scroll Rods.

What's the difference between the regular Scroll Rods vs the Heavy Duty Scroll Rods?

We have two different diameters of Scroll Rod.

The Regular Scroll rods are 1/2” in diameter and are available in sizes 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24".

The Heavy Duty rods are 5/8" in diameter and available in 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 3/4" in diameter 28", 30", 36", 42" and 48".

The reason for the larger diameter of rod is that when using the longer Scroll Rods with the tension of the fabric there is a chance that it the rods could bow. So to help keep the rod sturdy and stable for stitching we increased the diameter of the dowel.

The EZ Stitch Scroll Rod / Webbing Version has a 1" wide webbing canvas fabric attached along the length of each dowel.

How the Webbing System works... You will then hand stitch or machine sew your embroidery project fabric to the webbing on the Scroll Rod. Assemble your Scroll Frame and rotate the rods to pull the fabric taut for stitching. Once your project is completed you will then unpick the seam that secures your project fabric to the webbing.

The EZ Stitch Scroll Rods / Tape Version have the Tape for Rods already attached. The EZ Stitch Tape for Fabric is sold separately.

How the Tape System works... There are two separate parts to make the system work the Tape for Scroll Rods & Tape for Fabric. Each part has a very sticky back, the Tape for Scroll Rods comes already applied to the Scroll Rods. The Tape for Fabric attaches across each end of your project fabric or canvas. By using the Tape System you can switch between projects very easily. Once your project is finished you will cut the Tape for Fabric off of the fabric before you take it to the framer. The Tape for Fabric is not meant to be resealable, new project new tape.  

All of our EZ Stitch Products are solid Beautiful American Red Oak and hand finished with golden oak oil stain. Making them all a beautiful piece of furniture while creating the perfect stitching tool.

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For Past EZ Stitch Video Demos and so much more check out my (Donnett's) Needlework Blog. Make sure your notifications are turned on as that’s how you will know when a new video is up.

Thanks for joining us and as always, I love to hear your comments suggestions so please feel free to send them to me at [email protected]

Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett


PS... If you have a pair of Webbing Scroll Rods and want to change them over to the Tape version you can do that.  Simply purchase a Roll of Tape for Rods, then take the webbing off of the scroll rod.  Place the Tape for Rod on the Rod as straight as possible.  And there you go you now have the Tape Version of the Scroll Rods.  

Betty T.

I purchased the EZ stitch lap stand I can’t get one of the scroll rods to tighten The other one is fine I tried both sets of knobs on the scroll rod but they just keep turning Can I get a replacement rod?

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Donnett H.

Yes absolutely this is the 20" scroll rod correct?

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Betty T.

Yes ma’am

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Donnett H.

Great I will get a replacement order shipped out to you for one 20" Scroll Rod. Happy Stitching :D

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Marjorie E.

If I need scroll bar in 28 in. Do I need the heavy duty spacers? Would iron knobs work better then wooden ones for this?

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Donnett H.

Hi Marjorie

The only time the Heavy Duty Spacers are needed is if you are using the metal knobs on the lap stand. I like the metal knobs better then the wooden ones. Check out my Blog “What is the difference between the EZ Stitch Wooden Knobs vs the EZ Stitch Metal Knobs” I explain the difference and my preference in that video.

Here is the link https://www.embroidery.com/help.ec?docid=3565&efid=4785

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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