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EZ Stitch Accessories Product Demo

With the EZ Stitch Lap Stand or a EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Set, each comes with the Wooden Knobs.


Now, I like really tight tension and after a period of time using the Wooden Knobs (which come in two stains) I have loosened the insert in the knob right out of the wood.

So that's where the iron knobs come into play. They are able to take more pressure when you tighten them down.

Now, once you change to the iron knobs they are wider then the wooden knobs so you would not be able to flip your stitching over to the back as they would hit on the leg. The iron knobs come two options, either Flat Iron Knobs or Circular Iron Knobs.

With the Heavy-Duty Spacers, you will be able to flip it all the way over onto the back.

Now, when flipping your stitching back and forth on the legs, the screw and the knob on the leg will loosen. So I keep a Philips Head screwdriver handy to tighten it back down to the position I like.

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