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Exquisite Stabilizer by Dime

Exquisite Stabilizers by DIME (Designs in Machine Embroidery) are the best in the industry, designed with embroidery in mind. Stabilizers have 2 main categories - Backing and Topping. Backing holds fabrics in place and prevents them from slipping, while Topping prevents fabrics from peeking through the embroidery.

The Exquisite Line of Stabilizers by DIME includes a variety of products, including soft and firm tearaway and cutaway embroidery backings, and water soluble toppings. Exquisite also has many specialty stabilizers for difficult-to-stitch fabrics.

The key to great embroidery is equal tension on the fabric in all directions while the fabric is in the embroidery hoop. Ideally, a taut, tambourine feel should be achieved. With this tautness, for each movement of the embroidery machine, you will have an equal movement of the fabric. Most of our backing are made from non-directional materials, providing equal tensions in all directions. Also, silicone is mixed with the cellulose and polyester on most of our cutaways and tearaways to lubricate your needles during the embroidery process, to minimize thread breaks. 

Different fabrics require different levels of stabilization. The more stretch in the fabric, the more stabilizer is required. However, thicker is not necessarily more stable. Multiple layers of stabilizer may not add stability. Most of the time, a single layer of stabilizer is all that is needed, if you are using the correct stabilizer.

We offer three weights in tearaway and cutaway material, ranging from 1 oz to 3 oz. per square yard. Topping weight is .09 oz. We also offer a variety of specialty stabilizers for difficult-to-sew fabrics. Many of our specialty stabilizers are offered in fusible or non-fusible, as well as white, black, and beige. They come in a variety of roll sizes, to fit your various hoops. Rolls are available in stay-fresh tubes, which keep the rolls crisp and make storage convenient with clear labeling.

Wondering which Exquisite stabilizer to use? A Swatch Sample Book of Exquisite Stabilizers by DIME can help. It contains twenty-one 7.5" square sample sheets of different Exquisite stabilizers. Each sample comes with a written description of how that stabilizer is used and which fabric it is used with. Also, the Embroiderer's Compass by DIME provides an easy reference for matching stabilizers to fabric types.