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What do you know about machine embroidered lettering?

Some embroidery machines come with lettering capabilities built in.  That's quick and handy.  If you've outgrown those options, or just want more flexibility with the configuration of your lettering designs, it's time to move on to embroidery software.  

Once you have embroidery software, you can use your downloaded lettering sets to mix, match, and create your own sayings in all sorts of new styles. It lets you see the layout, color it, and edit it before you stitch it.  The only catch is, you get to import and place one letter at a time.

If you want more flexibility, keyboard lettering is the next step.  With it, you'll be able to lay out lettering, adjust, edit, and really create the perfect design of your dreams.

If you have Embroidery Tool Shed, you've got the beginnings you need to use keyboard lettering. Add font collections, and you're really all set.

Special Event

This week on Thursday's Live* with Eileen Roche, we'll have a special applique lettering surprise for you:

Thursday September 3,  at 12:00 MDT.






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