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How can I get my serial number for Embrilliance?

If you purchased your Embrilliance from Embroidery.com, you can always find your serial numbers in your “My Designs” area.

Just search your MyDesigns for Embrilliance, or your particular Embrilliance Program.

Click on the Embrilliance program to show its details at the right. There, you will find your serial number. Copy it down or use your mouse to highlight and copy it digitally. serial number grab.JPG

Open your Embrilliance software.

Click “Help”

Click “Serial numbers”

Screenshot (1).png

In the serial number entry box, enter your serial number by typing it in or by pasting the digitally copied version (just check whether there are accidental spaces to remove from the pasted text).

Serial number entry.JPG

Click the “set” button
Serial number entered.jpg

Your serial number will be shown in the larger text box below.

Repeat these steps for any other Embrilliance programs you have. Restart your Embrilliance program. For each serial number you have entered, the Embrilliance program buttons will be added to your software.

Here is a video showing the steps for entering your serial number into the software:

sandra a.

i don't know where i purchase it .I though i was ordering from company????

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Heather B.

Hi, Sandra. We are Embroidery.com. If you want to purchase Embrilliance software from Embroidery.com, please follow this link to all of our Embrilliance products to order online at Embroidery.com:


Or you can call us with your order: 800-428-7606. If I'm misunderstanding and you've already purchased this software from another website, please check who your order was from (such as Embrilliance themselves--link here) and contact that company directly for assistance.

[email protected]

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Billie T.

I have a new computer and have not been able to download Embrilliance Essentials and Thumbnail that I bought several years ago. Where can I get hlep?

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Heather B.

Thanks for the question, Billie. I cannot find any record that you purchased them through Embroidery.com, so you won't be able to download them from us. I recommend contacting the company you ordered your Embrilliance software from for assistance in re-downloading them.

[email protected]

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